Cc Group is on a mission to deliver high-end quality IT services that ensures an increase in efficiency of the entire customers company’s production chain. To be outstanding we are revolutionary and ready for the future.

Our belief is that machines aren't the solution, but people involved at every level. We are a group of passionate people, who inspires their customers and partners, and keep working on fulfilling their need by delivering quality service and top-notch product. Cc Group always strives for happiness for the greater good.

In the world of software development as we know is dynamic; developments and innovations follow each other in rapid succession. Our passion for programming, management and consulting in JAVA is indescribable. And we create this with passionate people who can be called JAVA experts. Amazing companies are built with amazing people

Need Staffing is the independent specialist in dealing with a flexible layer. With personal attention for customers, (IT) professionals and suppliers. As an independent party, we have a wide network of expertise at all job levels and virtually all specialisms within IT. We have been doing this for twelve years and we are still serving customers of the first hour

"The secret for a successful organization is people. Technology is supportive. People make the difference!" Jexo delivers enthusiastic and highly experienced IT people who understand what an organization needs. By acting as a sparring partner and bringing in their specialty, they stand next to the customer in finding the solutions they actually need.

PASS is driven by the ambition to help healthcare providers be more efficient and effective in order to spend as much time giving care. Building software solutions and supporting healthcare providers in their daily routine and services optimizing implementation and maintenance of your IT-landscape is how we realize our ambition. At PASS, we to be able to provide the best care for your clients.

At The Factory we run the cloud. We make your digital transformation a success. A digital transformation is an ongoing journey where the business and optimising the business processes stands central. Together with our passionate experts we can help pave the road from strategy to execution. 

Our cloud architects and DevOps engineers implement solutions that aim to reduce time to market, increase agility and scalability. We act as a trusted partner for all your IT projects..

OneStopSourcing is a leading specialist in the field of contingent workforce management, acting as a Managed Service Provider, Master Vendor, Broker or Total Talent Management Provider. We believe in combining state-of-the art technology with a true personal touch.

Leveraging over 15 years of experience in both public and private markets, we offer tailormade solutions that optimize spend, availability & control for your external workforce. We are 100% vendor neutral and can both bring in our own user friendly VMS or work on other leading platforms.